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Assessments USA & Canada, Inc., is your most important strategic partner in creating and maintaining a high-performance team.

We provide a comprehensive array of psychometrically–validated assessment instruments that help your company use information as a
competitive strategy.

Our 360 degree feedback and other assessments provide accurate, reliable personnel data that help your company achieve accurate
job fit for each employee.  Assessments enable all your managers to lead, coach and motivate effectively, helping all employees
direct their efforts towards achieving greater productivity and profitability for your company.

Our assessment tools, evaluations and related services target all phases of employment, from screening, selection and hiring to
training, coaching, mentoring and performance improvement through peer-to-peer reviews and annual 360 degree feedback evaluations.  

What is your biggest operational challenge in managing your company?*

    Finding, hiring and retaining qualified workers
    Developing a strong sales strategy
    Managing cash flow
    Building & integrating internal systems

Building a high performance, fully engaged workforce means an organization must analyze and prepare a plan to attract and retain the best employees who will become engaged and deliver results

Providing The ProfileXT® employee personality assessment system. Online employment personality testing  for employee screening, employee 360 degree feedback evaluations and career exploration assessments to predict psychological traits, job skills and performance.  Also offering Sales Ability, Customer Service,Pre-Employment Business Attitude Screening and Employee Background Check services.

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