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Welcome to the 360° Multi-Rater Evaluation Demonstrations

These three demos will demonstrate how fellow employees, bosses and subordinates can provide meaningful performance feedback and how that feedback can then be used to improve a manager's workplace performance.

Demo 1 will show you how a group of employees provide 360° performance evaluation feedback for an imaginary fellow employee, "Steve Sample." Imagine you are Steve Sample, or one of Steve's fellow employees who has been asked to help provide 360° performance evaluation feedback for Steve.

DEMO 1 - 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire Demo: From the Select Box below, select your role as either "Steve Sample," Steve's Boss, one of Steve's Co workers (a Peer), or one of Steve's subordinates (Direct Reports), and click the "START THE DEMO!" button.  On the next page click on the Begin button.  Then on the following page, you will be asked to create a password. Enter any password of your choice.

      Start the Demo

DEMO 2 - 360 Checkpoint Administrator's Demo:   This demo allows you to review your 360 Checkpoint Internet site so you can schedule and track the 360 evaluations in real-time.  Click on the Log-On button on the left.  On the next page, the Username and Password are Optional - Click on the Log On Button again. You can review how to populate your respondent data base, how you schedule an Organizational Management Analysis which summarizes several individual 360 Feedback Reports, and how to schedule your managers to take some of the 18 different SkillBuilder Modules on-line. 
DEMO 3 - 360° SkillBuilder Leadership Modules:  This demo will show you how an employee used the 360 Checkpoint Evaluation System to improve her performance by using one of the eighteen 360 SkillBuilder Leadership and Management Improvement Modules. Imagine you are a manager named Darcy Walker. You and your peers have completed a 360 Multi-Rater Evaluation for you. You received your Feedback Report and your peers rated you lowest in the area of "Delegating Responsibility."

In response, you completed one of the 18 Online 360° SkillBuilder Leadership and Management Improvement Modules, "Delegating Responsibility."

Review the
Online SkillBuilder Process
used to complete this Module.
Review the completed
360° SkillBuilder Action Plan
on Delegating Responsibility.
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