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Do you want to simplify your recruiting and hiring system?  Are you aware you can streamline your employment application process?

Managing the data and documents associated with job applications and applicants is a continuously necessary task for a growing business, but it can be easy!

You can quickly and easily manage your company’s employment process with the click of a button.

Assessments USA & Canada, a leader in the human resource management industry, has what you need — an Electronic Employment Application System that allows you and your candidates easy utilization and a positive, time-efficient application experience.

ProfilesEasy is an online employment application collection system that offers an effective method for streamlining your organization’s job application process and helps facilitate consistency for every application processed, as well as helping employers meet important EEOC reporting requirements.

ProfilesEasysupplies an application process that is easy for applicants to navigate and provides the employer with hiring versatility. Employers are given the option to customize questions for specific job positions, while applicants are given the choice of applying for more than one position and the opportunity to attach their resumes.

ProfilesEasyoffers you custom control of content including ten job-specific qualifying questions you may add, hosting solutions with no implementation requirements, seamless assessment integration, an auto resume attachment feature and compliance and data tracking reporting capabilities.

Eliminate all excess paper, increase your hiring efficiency and create consistency with ProfilesEasy.

ProfilesSelect Brochure- Perfect for LARGER Organizations

ProfilesEasy Brochure- Ideal for SMALLER & MID-SIZE Organizations
                      $250 system activation plus $250 a month for system hosting
                      Includes your Profiles on the Web Virtual Assessment Center

Call 800-808-6311 for Guided Tour

Reasons to Use ProfilesEasy



You want to improve your company’s brand in the job application arena, create a time efficient application process and reduce your cost associated with hiring qualified candidates.

Organizes and streamlines your employment application process and assists with reducing hiring costs.

You want to reduce your staff’s time in handling employment applications. Significantly reduces time in handling applications and offers an easy look of the best qualified candidates.

You want to reduce your exposure to litigation, fines and penalties as well as comply with EEOC government required data.

Standardizes the recruiting and application process throughout an organization and helps meet EEOC requirements by preparing reports and audits at the push of button.

You want a secure, reliable process for collecting and retaining information for future reference. Offers military-grade information security for protection of confidential and sensitive information.

You want the freedom and flexibility to review candidates from any location at any time; you also want the same freedom and flexibility for candidates.

Provides internet-based software where organizational information technology requirements are minimal and candidates are given access to a professional applicant site.

You want a system which is unique to your company and allows for candidate assessments as needed in the hiring process. Allows for full employer control where application questions, job listing and details can be tailored to certain specifications; provides automatic employee assessments via your own Profiles on the Web Virtual Assessment Center.

ProfilesEasyis a premier application collection system providing all of the tools you need to identify and hire top performers.

Providing The Profile® employee personality assessment system.
Online employment personality testing software for employee screening, employee evaluations
and career assessments to predict psychological traits, job skills and performance.
Also offering Pre-employment/Employee Background Check services.

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