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Profiles Call Center Sales Survey™
Call Center Sales Testing

You've made a major investment!

You've invested in telephone equipment and service, computers and software, building space, a marketing strategy, training, managers and supervisors, plus the payroll for telemarketers.

There is a way to identify and hire employees who fit the "call center sales culture." They have an understanding of sales principles and behavioral traits that indicate they are well suited for work in your call center.

The solution is the Profiles Call Center Sales Assessment ™, a management tool that compares employees and job applicants to established call center sales benchmarks for success for either inbound or outbound.

Call Center Sales Assessment Downloads

Call Center Sales Brochure

Inbound Call Center Sales Hiring Report

Outbound Call Center Sales Hiring Report

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NEW! Profiles XT Telemarketing Placement Report

ProfileXT Quick Reference Guide


First--Check Out Your Candidate’s
Four Business Attitudes
Integrity, Work Ethics, Reliability,
& Substance Abuse Attitudes

Step One Survey II Report

Step One Survey II
"Quick Check" Report

Step One Survey II Brochure

Step One Survey II
Data Sheet

Quick Reference Guide

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15 Seconds


Put our Call Center Sales Assessment Tools
to work in your company today!

Call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-808-6311
(1-805-934-5956 for Canada).

Using the Profiles Call Center Sales Survey ™ helps you select employees who can sell effectively and efficiently. You'll solve the turnover problem - they'll perform better, more reliably and stay with you longer.

  • Helps you hire employees who "fit the job" - inbound or outbound
  • Reduces employee burnout and turnover
  • Makes training more effective
  • Minimizes turnover during the training phase
  • Reduces the need for constant supervision
  • Decreases complaints
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Increase productivity and profitability

Your call center should be a model of efficiency. Is it? Solve the Call Center Problem!

The Problem:

  • Ineffective, low-productivity employees
  • High employee burnout and turnover
  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Too much time spent on personnel problems
  • Employees who require too much supervision
  • Turnover in the new employee training phase

The Goal:

  • Reduce per-call costs
  • Increase the number of calls
  • Increase per-call sales volume
  • Minimize complaints
  • Add new clients
  • Increase profitability

This is the technology you've been missing!

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