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Career Aptitude Testing

In this era of downsizing and merging, companies often don't know which of their employees are best suited for the job. Now, using breakthrough technology, human resource departments and vocational counselors can help their employees and clients make career choices and career changes with Career Coach.

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Surveys Reveal Job Dissatisfaction

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 67% of American workers don't like their jobs and 41% of them are not employed in the fields for which they studied in school.

Most of us have not had the benefit of successful vocational testing or personality profiling. Therefore, the majority of our work force is employed in the wrong jobs and are seeking the wrong careers.

Breakthrough Career Testing Technology

A study of 360,000 people, published in the Harvard Business Review, found the most important factor in predicting job success, “how well a person fits the job.” The study concluded that “Job Fit” is the most important factor in determining whether a person becomes successful in a particular job. You can benefit from this knowledge by discovering how closely your individual characteristics match the role you must fill in a particular occupation. With Career Coach you will learn how well your abilities, interests and personality traits fit the occupations you want to consider for your future.

The Vocational Guide for the 21st Century

Career Coach measures job-related mental abilities, interests and personality traits to create a picture of the Total Person, which is then compared to almost 300 occupations listed in the Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles (Click Here to download the list). You will receive a complete report about yourself plus a list of the jobs and the degree to which you match the pattern for success for each of these occupations.

The Career Coach also groups your matches into occupations you can do now with on-the-job-training and other jobs you match but for which you will need additional formal training.

Providing The Profile® employee personality assessment system.
Online employment personality testing software for employee screening, employee evaluations
and career assessments to predict psychological traits, job skills and performance.
Also offering Pre-employment/Employee Background Check services.

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