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Protect Your Business from Liability Through Employee Background Checks!  

The Problem

According to a number of studies conducted in the human resource industry, inaccurate information or fraudulent claims of competence appear in 80% of all résumés. In addition, few prospective employees will ever volunteer background information about criminal behavior or financial mismanagement. Unless you take steps to check references and verify information, you could be deceived by people you need to trust.

Primary concerns expressed by Personnel Managers about prospective employees:1

1 Report data from The Society for Human Resource Management survey of 1,331 personnel managers

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As an employer, you are entitled to know who you are hiring before you tender a job offer. Additionally, you are legally obligated to know the backgrounds of the people you hire. Failure to conduct thorough background checks puts you and your company at risk, creating a negligent hiring liability that can threaten other employees and the future of your business. Many business liability insurance policies do not cover negligent hiring.

The Solution

We offer employee background checking services to provide you with the information you need before hiring. Background checking confined to careful searches of legally available records. There is never an invasion of a prospective employee's privacy rights.

Download The Background Check Brochure

Employee Background Check Serves You

Most information can be gathered, put into convenient report form, and delivered to you within 72 hours by telephone, fax, courier, or priority mail at your convenience. A typical Employee Background Check Service Report contains:

  • Verification of two former employers with reports from actual contacts
  • A summarized credit history
  • Reports from contacts with two personal references
  • Criminal history
  • Description of personal injury claims, as allowed by law


The best part is that Employee Background Check Services are truly affordable. For just a few dollars, you can buy peace of mind in knowing that your hiring decisions are based on solid background information. Services are priced individually or you can order services together in a package designed to save you money. Can't find exactly what you are looking for?? We will customize a package to meet the needs of your organization. Please CONTACT ASSESSMENTS-USA.com or call TOLL FREE 1-800-808-6311 or 1-805-934-5956 local for more information. With regards to criminal searches, court access fees and copies are assessed separately and only when applicable. You can order with confidence knowing that our goal is to provide you with the most thorough and complete information at competitive prices.

Turnaround Time

Most of our searches are completed within 48 hrs. For criminal records, we do not use compiled data bases of any kind. All of our searches are done on site at the courthouses or state repositories. Search results may be delayed by court restrictions, weather conditions, or legal holidays. We will notify you ahead of time if your search results will not be available within the normal time frame.

Pricing and turnaround time for driving records, Statewide Felony/ Misdemeanor searches, and Workers Compensation searches vary by state.

It's easy to get started with Employee Background Check.
or call TOLL FREE 1-800-808-6311 or 1-805-934-5956 local.

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