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The Job Profile Survey™
Intelligent Job Description Tool

Filling a job with the right person is often a challenge because the most important requirements of the job have never been defined in a truly comprehensive manner. Traditional job descriptions may list duties to be performed but lack definitions of the intangibles that result in exceptional job performance.

It is not enough to hire bright, educated, and trained people. Unless they also match the jobs in which they are placed, their job performance will fail to be as high as expected. People do not reach their full potential in jobs they do not fit.

The Profiles Job Profile Survey is an intelligent employee benchmarking system that fills the gap between perception and reality in creating a job description.

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The Job Analysis Survey

The Job Profile surveys qualified employees who are already doing an excellent job for the position in question. The survey measures the thinking style required for the job in terms of problem solving ability, verbal reasoning and skills, numerical ability, and numeric reasoning. Then it performs an analysis of the job to see what it has that appeals to different people; Will this job interest people who are enterprising, or interested in financial data and business systems, or want to provide service, or who are technical, mechanical, or creative?

And finally, the survey reveals the behavior traits that facilitate successful job performance; traits such as energy level, assertiveness, sociability, attitude, objective judgment, and others.

The results of the survey are compiled and processed into a written description of the person who has high potential for accomplishment in the job, plus a "Job Match Pattern" that graphically presents the significant data. This information is then used in conjunction with the Profile Personality Assessment System to identify people who match the job's requirements in their thinking style, occupational interests and behavioral traits.

By using the Job Profile Survey, you are assured that the people you place in jobs have a significantly higher likelihood of meeting and exceeding your job performance expectations.

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