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Charismatic leaders create and maintain a work environment where people are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization’s goals.  They build an energetic and positive attitude in others and inspire them to do their very best.  In doing so, they create a common sense of purpose in which people are more inclined to invest extra energy and even some of their own time in their work.

Since 1996, our Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback Model has undergone continual research and development. Over that period, more than 12 million leaders in 120 countries, speaking 40 languages, have had their leadership capabilities assessed using the Checkpoint 360 to measure their leadership and management competencies.  This is a leadership competency assessment and development model with a truly global pedigree.

As a leader, your ability to achieve results depends greatly on your ability to inspire confidence and action in others. Our research proves that your leadership charisma can, in fact, be developed and fostered to bring about amazing results in your business and personal life by mastering the four-step Leadership Charisma Pyramid that will make you a more Charismatic leader.
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Charismatic leaders drive superior results by engaging the people that work for them on an extremely high level and, because leadership charisma is driven by a leader's behaviors, it can be measured and cultivated in any leader who is determined to become charismatic.

That was the startling conclusion of the largest research study ever undertaken into the drivers of charisma in business leaders. The study, which saw almost 400,000 employees rate their 40,000 leaders on their charisma and on seven other critical leadership behaviors has destroyed forever the myth that charisma is something you are born with.

The reason that most people confer magical status upon charisma is that they mistakenly think of it as an attribute that an individual possesses - and nothing could be further from the truth.

Charisma is not an attribute - but a perception. It is the perception one person ascribes to another whom they find charismatic. No one can be charismatic on their own - it takes two people - one to observe what they describe as charisma, and another to behave in a manner that that observer perceives as being charismatic.

Leadership Charisma is truly like beauty – “charisma is in the eye of the beholder”. If others find you charismatic then, you are Charismatic!




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