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Cost Per Hire - Don't Even Bother. Hiring costs are such a small percentage of an employee's value that figuring cost-per-hire is usually a waste of time.

Background Checks: A new necessity. KIPLINGER BUSINESS FORECASTS - 
Employee Theft: a new study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Employee Theft - no other form of larceny costs the American public more... One Retailers' Solution
 Ten steps to success in a down market
Know your people - genuine hidden potential..
 Pre-Employment Assessment tips
 Growing companies must utilize Solid Interviews
 U.S. Testing Guidelines
 Workplace Theft


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Stop Losing Your Memory - Have you fully considered what happens when you lose
an employee, particularly one who has been with you an extended period of time?
A chunk of your business leaves with the ex-employee. Let me explain.
Performance Appraisals - The horns of dilemma - Fishing for Better Applicants
This month’s case study is in response to a common need—an early look at potential impacts of an assessment program, to reassure decision makers that they are on the right track, and to increase buy-in among managers using the system Read More

We All Run Call Centers -
To some extent most businesses function as customer service call centers. Where else will customers go for service when face-to-face contact is not feasible?
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The Slight Edge... in the business world. Smarty Jones offers a lesson Accountability
Retention Metrics
Performance Reviews
Mapping Career Paths
Reform                             Read More

Who Manages Change?
Challenges in a business can often be divided into two major categories
Cost of promotion failure 360-degree views What kind of change? Job Match payoffs
A thought from Charles Schultz
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Occupational Injuries Decline?
Banking Information
Losing Your Best?
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Job Growth vs. Productivity  • Measure this!  Your Hiring Elevator
The Tipping Point  Assessment costs and effects
Aegis Lending is Client of the Year!

Read More
This month’s edition is something of a testimonial  to the variety of areas that assessments can impact upon a business and its people. All too frequently, you hear HR departments talking of developing an assessment of some sort customized to their own business and its unique characteristics and needs.
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Winds of Change - Do You Have Everything Tied Down?
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HR Spending - Where are we putting our money? 
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“Do Your High Performing People Pose a “Flight Risk”?  
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Customer Service - How hard does it have to be?Insider threats cost IT departments $$$ 
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Smaller Customers - Are the Key to Success? Looking Ahead in Business - What Can We Predict? Read More

Do you really WANT to catch a thief? Do you know your new-hire failure rate?
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The Economic Outlook.   Better Hiring Means a More Profitable Business 
Read More
Management Educational and Development - Mapping the leader
Performance Management - Upward Feedback
Performance Management - Upward Feedback: from fear to trust
360º Feedback - an aid to personal development
Profiles Assessments- Quick Reference Guide
Catching Better Employees-  Competing with other Employers
Comparing The Profile XT to  The Caliper
What is your corporate DNA?
Stop the revolving door - How to identify and Keep Top Performers
Improving Your Sales Force by beating the "80/20 Rule"
Employers Guide to Testing and Assessments - Dept. of Labor
Loss of employee loyalty a big hidden cost of business
Which assessment test should I use?
Don't hire in the dark! Too many managers do!
Inventory your human capital with job match -
Harvard Business Review.

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