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360° Performance Management
360° Performance Analysis

Performance management, performance analysis, succession planning, career development,
and coaching and mentoring your people are perhaps the most important responsibilities any supervisor will ever have.

Here is a recommended six-phase performance management sequence that works best
in most organizations:

  1. Mentoring Reports
  2. Team Analysis
  3. Coaching Reports
  4. 360° Peer Reviews
  5. 360° SkillBuilder Leadership Training Modules

Each phase is independent of the others but this six-phase sequence works best because it introduces our highly-reliable, scientifically-validated assessments to your individuals and teams and helps gain the employees' trust and confidence and most importantly, provides invaluable reports for every member of your team.

Following is the recommended sequence for performance management, succession planning,
and career development that works best at most companies. Each phase is independent of the others but this sequence introduces assessments to the individuals and group and helps gain the employees' trust and confidence in these highly reliable assessment reports.

Phase I - Mentoring Reports:

The Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI) is a Mentoring & Management Style assessment that
is 8 pages of critical information which looks at 7 key behavioral traits and offers solid suggestions for increased effectiveness in:

  • Productivity
  • Quality of Work
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Response to Job Related Stress & Conflict
  • Work Motivation
  • Motivational Energy

The assessment takes about 25 minutes to complete on the Internet.
The individual gets their own Individual Report as soon as they complete the
assessment and the supervisor is E-mailed a Manager's Mentoring Report.

Phase II - Team Analysis:

The Profiles Team Analysis Report (PTA) is a 21-page Team Leader's Report which serves as a guide on the team synergy and balance in 12 key areas that help the team become more effective and efficient:

  • Control
  • Social
  • Patience
  • Precision
  • Ambition
  • Positive Expectancy
  • Composure
  • Analytical
  • Results Oriented
  • Emotions
  • Team Player
  • Quality Orientation

The report offers considerations for leading the team more effectively and presents action item to make the team more efficient. It helps the team leader know who to delegate to and gives action items and considerations for leading the team.

We have developed a "Leadership Synergy, You and Your Team" PowerPoint workshop that
we can provide to you when you purchase the mentoring and team reports. Since almost
80% of team problems relate to communication and personality differences, the workshop highlights the strengths and challenges of each type of personality on your team to help
understand those differences and use them to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the team.

Phase III - Coaching Reports:

The Job Match Profile XT is a scientifically designed instrument used for Hiring, Promotion, Coaching, Multi-Job Match, Multi-Candidate match, and Succession Planning.

Taken in about 65 minutes, the Profile XT measures 20 core competencies in three major
areas that are critical to job success:

The 20 Core Competencies:

Thinking Style Behavioral Traits Occupational Interests
  • Learning Index
  • Verbal Skills
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numeric Ability
  • Numeric Reasoning
  • Energy Level
  • Assertiveness
  • Sociability
  • Manageability
  • Attitude
  • Decisiveness
  • Accommodating
  • Independence
  • Objective Judgment
  • People Service
  • Enterprising
  • Finance/Admin
  • Technical
  • Mechanical
  • Creative


The supervisor is e-mailed their Profile Job Coaching Report. This assessment requires
that a job benchmark pattern be established before the Coaching Report is generated.

This assessment requires that a job benchmark pattern be established before the Coaching
 Report is generated. With the Profile XT system,
your organization can create a series of FREE job patterns, each uniquely tailored for each of your positions. We can use the almost 1,000 job patterns that are in the Profile XT & The Department of Labor's job patterns library. To create your own job pattern, simply complete The Profile XT Job Analysis Survey and return it to us.

Phase IV - 360 Peer Reviews:

The 360° Checkpoint Multi-Rater Feedback Evaluation Report is a leadership competency evaluation report for a key employee that is completed by their entire work group. It is completed every 7 to 12 months to help them identify their greatest leadership skills and identify areas for future development. 18 Key Skill Sets in 8 Major Leadership areas are evaluated.

The 8 Leadership Skill Clusters:

  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Relationships
  • Task Management
  • Production
  • Development of Others
  • Personal Development
  • Communications

The 18 SkillBuilder Skill Sets:

  • Listens to Others
  • Processes Information
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Cultivates Individual Talents
  • Provides Direction
  • Delegates Responsibility
  • Adjusts to Circumstances
  • Thinks Creatively
  • Builds Personal Relationships
  • Facilitates Team Success
  • Motivates Successfully
  • Displays Commitment
  • Takes Action
  • Achieves Results
  • Instills Trust
  • Works Effectively
  • Works Competently
  • Seeks Improvement

Typically about a dozen people participate in the 15-minute Internet-driven evaluation: self, boss, peers, and subordinates. A very thorough 18-page Feedback Report is generated for the supervisor which lists the person's evaluation scores, their strengths, areas for future development, and an action plan for their four lowest scores.

Phase V - 360° SkillBuilder Leadership Training Modules:

The 360° SkillBuilder Leadership Training Modules follow the 360° Checkpoint Report. In the months following the 360° Report, the evaluated team members can enroll in any of the 18 SkillBuilder modules where they feel they need to target improvement in their leadership abilities and skills.
The 360° Report and the SkillBuilder are completely integrated so scores by each group are retained. Each modulsample\360-SkillBuilder-Brochure.pdfe is self-paced, takes from 3-6 hours of commitment in 10-15 minute blocks. The individual uses the Internet-drive program to create a narrative of their current strengths, research and document action plans, appoint a mentor, and create a 20-25 page Personal & Professional Action Plan uniquely tailored to them.

An online 360° Multi-Rater Demo is available HERE. Follow the demo instructions to see how the 360° Multi-Rater Evaluation and the 360° SkillBuilder are completely integrated.

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