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Step One Survey®
Canadian Version

The Step One Survey is an employer's first step in evaluating a job candidate’s qualifications for employment. It has two parts, the first being a direct-admissions structured interview format that asks about recent work history, record of honesty, and related issues. The results of the "interview" are assessed by the company to evaluate the candidate's suitability for employment. The second part of the Step One Survey assesses the candidate’s attitudes toward Integrity, reliability and work ethic.

Quick Results
In about 15 minutes, job applicants respond to questions on the Internet, or in a booklet. The printed report summarizes the candidate’s admissions of questionable behavior and the significant responses to inferential questions.

Saves Money - Reduces Problems
Profiles’ clients report that using the Step One Survey significantly improves turnover and cuts the problems caused by absenteeism and tardiness.

Use it Anywhere
The Step One Survey can be administered wherever a computer is connected to the Internet. Also, the Step One Survey can be administered using the pencil and booklet method. The online server does the scoring and generates the reports.

Canadian Step One Survey Downloads
Entry Level/Production Positions
Step One Survey Report (English)

Step One Survey Quick Check

Step One Survey Report (French)

Step One Survey Brochure

Step One Survey Data Sheet

Quick Reference Guide

Office/Managerial Positions
Step One Survey II Report (English)

Step One Survey II "Quick Check" Report

Step One Survey II Report (French)

Step One Survey II "Quick Check" French

Step One Survey II Brochure

Step One Survey II Data Sheet

Quick Reference Guide













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