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In today’s corporate environment, organizations face many challenges with identifying, developing, retaining and leveraging top performers.

In fact, the number one priority for organizations with an interest in human capital is talent acquisition and recruiting. When it comes to talent acquisition and recruiting, sales representatives rank first among those positions which employers have the most difficulty filling. Because of this situation, organizations must rely on a select few to maintain sales effectiveness.  This also forces many sales leaders to analyze their sales teams to increase sales.

More than half of those individuals in a sales position may not be suited for sales.  Another 25 percent may have the skills to sell, but are selling the wrong product, are in the wrong industry or don’t fit within their employer’s corporate culture.  These factors reduce the number of sales professionals from which sales leaders can expect superior performance.

This situation is more common than you might think, but imagine if you could predict results before they happen.  Think of the competitive advantage you could gain by predicting who will become a top performer — even before they are hired.

Clone your Best Sales People by Discovering their Sales DNA.  Finding good sales talent may seem elusive, but it remains an important goal within most organizations. Evaluating your best sales people creates a Success Pattern that can used for hiring new sales people with similar "success" traits.

Assessments are a critical first step in matching top performers to sales organizations. Our Sales Pro Indicator and Profile XT assessments offer sales placement and coaching reports to assist Sales Managers in identifying, developing, retaining and leveraging people with an innate talent for selling.  The various Sales Reports provide important information on thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests on current employees or candidates.  This enables Sales Managers leaders to accurately predict success in a given sales position, develop strategic succession planning, and implement employment and redeployment programs.

This Sales Pro tools allow leaders and organizations to effectively drive sales, increase employee satisfaction and leverage top performers to increase market penetration.

The Sales Reports can be used for selecting, training and coaching salespeople who are, or who will develop into, superior performers and can effectively assist in building and developing an exceptional professional sales organization.

The traditional practice of hiring salespeople from the available pool of prospects produces a high incidence of employee turnover.

The cost of turnover has a direct negative impact on your profit and loss statement.
 It can be expensive to hire and train people who do not become above-average performers. The cost of turnover can be significantly diminished by using our Sales Reports. The unique job match pattern process separates candidates with real potential from those who will waste your resources.
It is generally accepted that about
20 percent of a sales team are responsible for 80 percent of the sales production.   This principle presents a special challenge to sales executives who direct teams of salespeople.

An analysis of several sales organizations reached the conclusion that about half of the people in sales lacked the behavioral characteristics required to effectively perform the duties that sales jobs call for. They should never have been hired for sales positions in the first place. The study found that of the remaining 50%, half had the potential for success in sales, but were not hired to sell the right kind of product or service. The study concluded that only about 25% of those working in sales position have a good match with the work they are doing.

Thus, the "80/20 Rule" is only "valid" because people lacking sales essentials get hired and others are not matched with the right products or services.

The job-related attributes of these top 25 percent have been analyzed to determine what makes them different from average and below-average producers.  Our Sales Pro Assessments can be customized by company, sales position, department, manager, geography, or any combination of these factors. Empirical data can be used to develop a pattern that will tell you how well a job candidate matches your successful salespeople.  Our Sales Pro Reports help organizations quickly recognize individuals with these attributes to give them an advantage in making hiring decisions, coaching and training and motivating for better sales performance.

Our Sales Pro Indicator and Profile XT Sales Reports are comprehensive reports that reveal key strengths, any weaknesses, and reveal areas of interest that will make placement, coaching, and training consistently more effective.

Our assessments are fully validated, convenient to use, presented in easy to understand sales language and allows Sales Managers as well as organizational decision-makers to generate management or placement-focused reports and individual reports, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We have streamlined the entire process to be intuitive and easy to use for Sale Managers, Salespeople, and job candidates.

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We also offer specialized sales testing tools for Inbound Sales and Outbound Sales Call Centers:

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