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Proven Strategies for Superior Work Teams  
You’ve heard the term “teamwork” and the phrase “be a team player,” but chances are you have never experienced true teamwork. The reason? Many people don’t realize that an authentic team is very different from a traditional work group. And they also don’t realize that as a whole, teams perform at a much higher level than work groups. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to create a powerful team and build it for success using proven strategies that really work.  
First, we’ll take a close look at why team building is the wave of the future. Like the fact that less than a quarter of today’s workers perform at their full potential, and that half of today’s employees work only hard enough to keep their jobs. There is no sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or value, and employers are seeing that not only does the employee lose, but so does the employer. You’ll learn the fundamentals of successful teams, how the team model functions, and the five types of teams. Then, we’ll explore how to:  
Establish a charter to give the team vision  
Implement shared leadership to empower employees  
Set goals and keep score  
Make decisions and solve problems as a team  
Establish the process of peer feedback  
Recognize effective teamwork  
Resolve conflict within the team  
If you have a desire to dramatically raise productivity, cultivate employee loyalty to your organization, and ultimately help your employees take responsibility for their success, join us for this power-packed seminar. You’ll be glad you did!