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How to Inspire Effective Teamwork for Winning Performance  
If you are in a management position and want to help your employees be the best they can be, this seminar is for you. We believe the business world can learn a lot from the motivating, confidence-building tactics used by athletics coaches to transform their players’ performance. After all, your job at the office is to make it possible for your star players to do their best – to make that winning touchdown.  
When you focus on how to really coach, not just manage, your employees, you’ll have the key to increasing productivity, raising quality, reducing absenteeism, increasing sales, gaining commitment, and raising employee involvement. In this seminar, you’ll learn the differences between the traditional approach to managing as opposed to coaching. You’ll explore the concept that management is about what things you do to get things done through others. With those principles laying the foundation, you’ll then discover how to: 
Establish a high-commitment environment  
Welcome a new employee to the team  
Implement an employee suggestion program  
Make the office more like a home and co-workers like family  
Conduct coaching analysis to determine what is causing disappointing performance  
Use the systematic coaching technique to change specific behavior 
The valuable information presented here can truly transform performance and employee morale in your organization. Come learn how to turn challenges into success stories in this seminar!