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How to Make Standout Service Your Organization’s Finest Asset  
What role does customer service play in your organization’s success? Do you view it as the lifeblood of your business, as you should? Does your attitude toward customers carry over to everyone on your team? In this seminar, we’ll address those topics and more, as you learn how to make standout service your organization’s finest asset.  
To start with, we’ll clarify the true definition of a customer, which may surprise you, and then we’ll delve into practical, no-nonsense methods for exceptional service, like how to:  
Hire the right people who share your value for customers  
Listen for what the customer really needs, which may not be what their words tell you  
Handle tough customers with pinnace, sensitivity, and skill  
Respond to customers when you just can’t say yes, and still keep their business  
Put your best foot forward with the right body language, dispute resolution skills, and  
telephone etiquette  
Conduct customer surveys to further improve your organization’s service reputation  
Motivate your employees to make customer service their #1 priority  
By attending this valuable seminar, you will learn the art of servicing clients so they will remain loyal to your business for life. A positive experience can make the customer feel great, or a poor one can leave such a negative taste in her mouth that she will never do business with you again. The fact is, there is no substitute for “standout” customer service. Fantastic service that meets customers’ wants and needs can separate the mediocre organizations from the cream of the crop. Come join us!