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How to Find, Hire, and Retain Great People!  
Many times, little attention is paid to the hiring process, with so many other responsibilities to be considered in a growing business. But, too much haste in finding the right people for the right positions can result in endless headaches. A customer service employee hired in a rush may end up alienating a number of customers before it is discovered that she doesn’t get along well with people. Or, a new manager of a distribution center may lose money for the company because he was hired for a job he couldn’t handle.  
In this seminar, you’ll learn how to attract the best applicant for the job, how to hire that applicant, and how to avoid common mistakes made in the hiring process. There are many hurdles to encounter in the hiring process, and this seminar will help you conquer those hurdles with ease. Once we lay out all of the problems you need to prepare for and introduce legal issues you should be aware of, we’ll give you a detailed look at how to: 
Evaluate your corporate culture and use it to attract the right people  
Write a job description – a necessary step  
Involve employees in sharing recruiting ideas and telling others about openings  
Choose and create the appropriate recruiting literature for your needs  
Write effective newspaper ads that will bring in desired prospects  
Efficiently analyze and “weed out” resumes  
Establish a process for conducting interviews  
Follow up after interviews and negotiate compensation  
Come to this seminar eager to learn new ideas for recruiting employees and ready to prepare your business for future growth. Don’t miss it!