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How to Lead, not Manage, Your Employees to Success  
The concept of leadership in today’s business world has taken a new direction in recent years. It is no longer synonymous with the definition of traditional management, as you might think. Many businesses are still stranded in “the old days,” where there are no leaders, but instead managers who dictate and supervise their employees. Today’s brand of leadership incorporates influence, inspiration, motivation, and persuasion techniques, which make room for infinite creativity and happy, challenged employees. This seminar will introduce you to the often-misinterpreted role of leadership and show you how to incorporate effective leadership techniques into your business.  
We’ll start by laying the groundwork for what leadership really is, like the following topics:  
The myths you’ve probably heard about leadership  
The differences between managers and leaders  
The two types of leaders  
Then we’ll discuss the relationship between a leader and his or her staff, work group, or team, and delve into how you can make effective leadership part of your success. You’ll learn: 
The five practices of empowering leaders  
The five roles leaders can play and which three they should play  
The seven ways effective leaders communicate, both verbally and non-verbally  
The eight ways effective leaders influence others  
Remember, it is by leading your employees that your organization will be prepared to succeed in the 21st century. So if you want to be ready for the challenge, join us for this valuable seminar!