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Put This Addictive Habit Behind You Once and For All! 

Let’s face it: Most of us are procrastinators of some kind, whether we admit it or not.  If you are a chronic procrastinator or if you just rely on it to get you through an occasional quandary, the postponing of responsibilities likely affects the quality of life for you and those around you dramatically. 
It begins when uncontrollable events or mental persuasion cause you to postpone one project until the eleventh hour, when the imminent deadline is looming over you.  Then, when the consequences don’t turn out to be that bad, it becomes an enticing option to fall back on in the future.  Like any addiction, it can easily become a destructive habit that leaves you wanting more the next time responsibility falls in your lap. 
In this seminar, we’ll discuss how to kick the procrastination habit in order to relieve stress, improve your health, boost your reliability, protect the quality of your work, and save your sanity!  You’ll learn how to: 

Get organized to kick the procrastination habit 
Fight the “put it off” mentality with smart decision-making skills 
Tackle a responsibility rather than just thinking about it 
Make your recovery official 
Help procrastinators around you 

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to say goodbye to procrastination, once and for all! 

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