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How to Prevent Appraisals from Becoming a Waste of Time 

There is a lot of apprehension, confusion, and inconsistency on the issue of performance appraisals in the workplace and how to conduct them.  The problem is that many people don’t fully understand the value of performance evaluations and feedback from supervisors.  And the result is many a review session that turns out to be a waste of time. 
But appraisals are not meant to be frivolus conversations, or adversarial confrontations, for that matter.  On the contrary, they provide a prime opportunity for both the supervisor and employee to candidly discuss their goals and how those goals are being met.  While these meetings aren’t easy to prepare for or to conduct, when accomplished correctly they give both parties constructive feedback to learn from. 
A performance review should be a positive experience.  In order to make performance reviews at your organizations positive experiences, we’ve designed this seminar with helpful guidelines for supervisors.  In it, we cover the following topics: 

What makes a review successful 
How the employee and supervisor should prepare for the review 
How to communicate on performance during the session 
How to set goals and make commitments during the session 
How to get feedback on the supervisor’s job 
How to properly follow up the review session  
How to set the right example as a leader 

So, if you’d like to see the benefits that effective appraisals can yield, and learn how to conduct appraisals in that way, join us for “Performance Reviews That Really Work”! 

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