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Principles for Confidently Guiding Your Team Through Uncertainty

In order to be successful in today’s fast-faced business world, a company and its leaders must be ready to embrace change. As the old saying goes, change is the only thing you can count on – it is so integrated into business that there’s no question of its validity. But why is it, then, that many organizations struggle with change? The answer is in how they introduce change to their employees and how they carry out the entire change process.

Every leader has the skills necessary to achieve a successful transition. They just need to learn how to implement those skills using the key strategies for leading people, including themselves, through change. In this seminar, we’ll introduce you to the techniques that will strengthen both your leadership abilities and your organization’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. We’ll start by laying the groundwork for what leadership and change really mean, like the following topics:

The essence of skillful leadership
The difference between change and transition, and why it matters
How change and leadership work together

Then we’ll delve into the specific techniques you can implement on your own, like how to:
Properly set the stage for change in order to have a smooth transition
Encourage unity and open communication
Control opposition using persuasion techniques
Monitor progress against original goals

Remember, change is something you as a manager can’t help but run into. Take the proactive approach by attending this seminar. Learn how to gracefully lead your team through change!

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