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How to Cultivate the Innovative Ability You Didn’t Know You Had 

Many people in the business world feel as though they have lost touch with the creativity they explored regularly in childhood.  Many adults grew up drawing pictures, creating imaginary characters, planning puppet shows, and any number of things that provided a wonderful outlet for creative energy. But today, those same people will tell you they have lost most or all of the creative juices they enjoyed so long ago.  Does this scenario describe you? 
In many workplaces today, employees are not encouraged to express their creativity on a regular basis.  Over time, they grow stale and trudge through the same old routine with less and less flair every day.  But if you want more from your job than boring, mechanical work – if you long to do something creative, yourself, rather than watching other people reach their dreams – you’re ready to explore creative avenues. 
The problem is, many people have the mistaken conception that they are either born with creativity or without it.  This is simply not true. Anybody can be creative; they just need to know how to stimulate those senses.
Together we’ll explore: 
  The importance of working in an inspiring atmosphere 

  How to overcome creativity challenges with six powerful mental techniques 

  How to nurture creativity by stimulating the senses 

This is your chance to let your creative ability shine again and garner long-overdue satisfaction from your work. Come join us! 

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