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Advanced Communication Skills for Professional Relationships

Business professionals who have developed strong feedback skills know the benefits that come from that knowledge. They know their fine-tuned communication skills help them  work more closely with their employees, team members, and supervisors at the office. And who doesn’t need to give and receive feedback with skill? You guessed it – no one. That’s why this seminar is perfect for any business professional, and especially so for supervisors.

If you are to help others in the workplace, you must learn to give helpful comments, both negative and positive. Feedback is appropriate in so many situations – for instance, when your co-worker is leaving early without finishing work, when a teammate is talking on the phone and work is not getting done, or when an employee gives you his accounting report late, again. Here we’ll discuss how to:

Give effective feedback
Receive feedback effectively
Conduct regular performance reviews
Implement an employee self-evaluation system
Implement a system for employees to evaluate supervisors
Encourage team feedback

The mutual feedback process will build trust and strengthen team relations, as well as inspire all employees to do their best. Come learn how to give and receive feedback like a pro!

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