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How to Enrich Your Career With Lifelong Learning 

While most of the typical adult’s formal education occurs before entering the business world, that doesn’t mean they should close the books on learning once they have that diploma.  No, learning should continue throughout one’s life, though continuing education can include further schooling in some cases. 
Lifelong learning is becoming more and more crucial because the business society has changed so drastically in the past decade, and it is continuing to change.  The only way to keep up with the business world and remain qualified for jobs is to continue to learn along the way.  Pursuing lifelong learning involves being curious and willing to learn and be taught throughout your career, no matter how much you know or how successful you have become.
In this seminar, we’ll discuss how to continue your education a variety of ways, which involves: 
  Analyzing your current skills and skills needed for the future 
  Taking advantage of internal and external training opportunities 
  Being mentored and/or mentoring someone else 
  Benefiting from industry-related associations and their publications 
  Enjoying leisure reading and reading with skill 
  Keeping up with the news you need 
  And much more! 
If you want to stretch your mind and enrich your career, don’t miss this opportunity to explore lifelong learning! 
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