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How This Technique Reveals and Develops Potential in Others 

The term “mentoring” is one that many people use freely, but don’t necessarily understand its true meaning and significance.  At the same time, it is likely that many of the successful business leaders, artists, and other role models we admire today at one time had a genuine mentor to thank for their success.  
Originating with a character in the Greek classic, The Odyssey, a mentor is an experienced and trusted coach who can help a protégé learn new skills, sharpen their current skills, and guide them in learning and development activities.  
In this seminar, we will stress the importance of becoming a mentor to a protégé, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to be mentored yourself.  Remember: Learning is a lifelong process, and having a mentor in the professional part of your life can help immeasurably in improving job performance.  Many times when partnerships reach their full potential, the mentoree takes the opportunity to mentor someone else as well as continue learning from a new mentor. So, with both sides of the mentoring partnership in mind, we’ll discuss: 

The varied support a mentor can provide a protégé 
The winning qualities of good mentors and protégés 
The key principles of mentoring 
How to develop a strong rapport with each other 
How to draft a mutual agreement for both parties 
How the protégé should keep a journal 
Come see how the ancient art of mentoring can work for you today. Join us! 

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