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Improve Morale and Reduce Stress With These Interactive Methods

If you’ve been in the work force for more than a week, chance are you’ve had at least one experience with a problem employee or difficult co-worker! Problem people are part of most any organization, and that’s why it’s so important that people – especially supervisors – master skills for resolution.

Whether the inappropriate behavior is perpetual lying, manipulating, discouraging others, being a tough guy, criticizing others, or resisting authority, it’s best to address the problem early on. If you wait too long in hopes that the behavior will go away, you not only allow the issue to get worse, you also detract from the productivity of everyone involved: you, the problem employee, and their co-workers. If you attend this seminar, we’ll show you how to handle any situation. You’ll learn how to:

Recognize problem behavior
Respond to difficult people using proven techniques
Prevent future problem behavior using trust, feedback, and effective listening
Determine when you can help and when you can’t

Being a strong leader and an ideal employee is more important than taking care of problem people. If you can make this part of your job that much easier, you then can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of work. And doesn’t that sound nice? We’ll see you there!

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