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How to Present Your Best Performance Every Time

If your job requires that you speak in public occasionally, sometimes, or even on a regular basis, this seminar is just for you. You may have been asked to “say a few words” several times or more, or you may just be getting started. Whatever level of experience, the skills in this seminar are designed to help you not just write an informative message and get through the talk without fainting, but to show you how you can also inspire, motivate, and influence an audience. Anybody can be an inspiring speaker, but you have to know the rules.

Public speaking is different from giving a business presentation. In public speaking, the audience expects to be entertained. The audience expects the speaker to do most of the work. The presenter has to focus on the “show” or performance. In order to do that effectively, we’ll show you how to:

Tailor your material to the audience’s needs and personalities
Develop a mission statement, theme, and outline for main points
Inspire, enthrall, and influence the audience
Use verbal tools to make the speech memorable
Exude professionalism using body language and voice techniques
Promote the right attitude and image with your appearance
Erase fear by practicing strategies for proper breathing, planning, and mind control
Deal with dry mouth, insomnia, and anxiety on the big day

These valuable tips will give you edge to succeed in public speaking wherever you may go. Come join us to learn how to present your best performance every time!

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