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(so stress doesn't control YOU)
Tried-and-True Steps That Can Work For You

For sure, we’ve all felt snowed under at certain times, and we’ve also all benefited from that extra push of adrenaline that positive stress can give you. Stress comes in good packages and in bad packages, so there are some advantages to stress, as well as the disadvantages we’ve all heard about. The important thing is to discern the good stress from the bad and use proven techniques to conquer negative stress. That’s what this seminar will help you accomplish.
Here we’ll take a close look at the causes of excessive stress, which signs can tell you if you or someone you know is under too much pressure, and how these things negatively affect employees, employers, and society. Plus, we’ll discuss tried-and-true tips for reducing stress and approaches for conducting your professional life in a low-stress manner. You’ll learn how to:

Calm down extreme anxiety
Promote a relaxing workplace
Take the right steps toward being organized at the office
Manage your goals sensibly
Train yourself to accentuate the positive

You will be able to apply this material to your life and use it to help those around you – so you and your co-workers can enjoy life to the fullest. Come learn how to control stress so stress doesn’t control you!

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